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Tehillim Tools: Rashbi 62:12

“Once the Lord has spoken; twice have I heard this; that strength is the Lord’s (Psalms 62:12).” Rabbi Yitzchak taught that this verse refers to the first two of the Ten Statements that we heard directly from God. God spoke in one voice but we heard two separate Statements (Zohar, Volume II, Yitro 81b).


This is true of all Torah that we learn: Torah is a Unity and speak in one voice. We perceive numerous ideas and lessons, but only because the “Strength of such Unity,” is God’s. It is inaccessible to a limited human being. However, prays King David, “Every time I study His word I am aware that it is only because of my limitations that I perceive separate ideas, but in essence all is connected and unified. I study with a prayer that my Torah study should prepare me to attach to God, Who is a Unity, so that I may perceive the Unity of Torah.

Ve-yachaid livaveinu,” “Unify our hearts,” meaning, allow us to connect to the Unity of God expressed in the unity of Torah.

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