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Tehillim Tools: Ramchal 106:1

“Praise God. Give thanks to God, for He is good, for His kindness is everlasting. Who can recount the mighty acts of God, or make heard all His praise (Psalms 106:1-2).” “The mighty acts of God,” describe actions of Din, or Judgment, experienced on the physical level as suffering. A person who can perceive the Chesed, Kindness, even in his experiences of Din, can achieve the status of one who can, “Make heard all His praise.” (Ramchal: Tehillim)


The Ramchal is addressing the frustration a person feels when praising God, just as expressed by King David in the usual reading of this verse, “Who can do it? It’s impossible!” He is teaching us that as long as our perception of what should be praised is limited, so will be our praises. However, when we achieve a level at which we can even praise acts of Din, we will find that our praises soar and expand, and will begin o reach the level of Unlimited Praise.

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