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Tehillim Tools: Ramchal 104: 29-30

“When You hide Your face, they are panic stricken; when You gather in their breath, they perish, and to their dust they return. When You send Your spirit, they will be created anew; and You will renew the face of the earth (Psalms 104:29–30).”


We must understand that just as the revelation of Divine Sustenance leads to satisfaction, so the with drawl and constriction of the light of Divine Sustenance causes starvation and hunger. A time of God “hiding His Face” is a time of confusion and fear for all of creation.

The secret of this verse is that at the time of the souls departure from this Earth, there is an expansion of its power and awareness so that it can perceive the Divine Presence in the world, connect to it, and hold onto its expansiveness, granting it the capacity to connect to the World to Come after the Resurrection of the dead.

This is true at all times when God hides His Face; the one who strives to see behind the veil of hiddeness and to find even the smallest Lights of Illumination during the time of darkness and confusion will be granted what is described by the verse as, “When You send Your spirit, they will be created anew.” This person will then have the capacity to bring such a blessing to the world that, “You will renew the face of the earth.” (Ramchal: Tehillim)

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