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Tehillim Tools: Psalms 108:2

“My heart is steadfast, Lord, I will sing and I will offer hymns, this too is my glory (to see Psalms 108:2).” King David is saying that now, after he has carefully examined his heart, and it is convinced that his heart and thoughts are focused entirely on God, meaning, to increase the glory of heaven, therefore, “I will sing and I will offer hymns, this too is my glory,” it is permissible for me to ask for my glory, for my only intention is to bring Israel closer to God.  (Rabbi Chaim Sofer – Sha’arei Chaim)


There are times when it is permissible for us to request on her: when we are committed to use that honor only for the purpose of honoring God. A parent may work to instill a sense of respect from children, but only for the sake of bringing honor to God. The same is true for a teacher. Once we are committed to using our honor only to enhance God’s glory, we will find that honor will not be a distraction from our service of God.

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