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Tehillim Tools: Psalms 10:15 Ohr haMeir

“Break the arm of the wicked; and as for the evil person; search for his wickedness till none be found (Psalms 10:15)” A person who desires to “Break the arm of the wicked,” meaning, his internal destructive desires, should, “Search out his wickedness,” by finding where such desires appear in the Torah, and study those verses and laws. Each of us has a portion in Torah and will find all our struggles in our “portion,” the source of our spiritual life. By studying this portion, a person will derive spiritual strength and holiness, and will be able to break desires for evil, until he achieves a state in which, “none (will) be found.” (Ohr haMeir; Shemot)


Recite this verse with this Kavana whenever you study your “Portion,” the area of Torah that directly addresses an issue with which you are struggling. Have in mind that you want to derive spiritual strength from the portion that will empower you to battle your Yetzer haRah, until you can break it.

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