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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 73:28: Rashbi: Becoming a “Tov”

“But as for me, closeness to the Lord in my good, I have placed my refuge in my Master, God the Lord, that I may tell all of Your Divine works (Psalms 73:28).” When a person draws close to Torah, which is called “Tov,” or Good, he will draw closer through the Torah to the Holy One, Blessed is He, Who is also called, “Tov,” as it is written, “God is good to all (145:9).” Once he draws close to the Ultimate Good, he will achieve the level of Tzaddik, who is also called, “Tov,” as it is written, “tell each righteous man that it is Tov (Isaiah 3:10), read by the Zohar as, “Say of the Tzaddik that he is Tov.” (Zohar Chadash, Vayeishev 29a)


One must first see the Torah as a Source of Good. It is not enough to study Torah; one must draw himself close to it, by allowing its Good to permeate his being. One he experiences the Good of Torah flowing through him, transforming him into a better person, attracting Good, and finding real Tov all around him, the person will be able to connect to God’s Attribute of Tov, and will the be transformed into a true Tzaddik; a Nourisher of Life and Tov.

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