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Tehillim Tools Psalm 62:12-13

“Once has God spoken, twice have I heard this; that strength belongs to God. And in You alone, my Master, his kindness, for You render to every man according to his work (to see Psalms 62:12–13).” “Once has God spoken,” refers to Divine Guidance; God’s guidance is “one,” meaning either in Justice or Compassion. However, “twice have I heard this,” for the sake of the world’s continuing existence, God joins the attributes of Justice and Compassion. Even when, “that strength belongs to God,” meaning, when we lived in that time in which gods Strength is being expressed through Justice, “in You alone my Master, is kindness,” the kind this that, “You render to every man according to his work,” that he receive his suffering in this world so that he may arrive in the World to Come pure and clean. (Revid haZahav, Va-etchanan)


This is an excellent verse to use when a person is undergoing great trials or suffering.

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