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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 107:8: An Extra Kindness to Miracles

“Let them give thanks to God for His kindness, and He’s wonders to the children of man (Psalms 107:8).” “To the children of man,” all of the miracles and wonders that God shows the world are miraculous only to, “the children of man,” for to God, they are not miracles or wonders, but expressions of kindness. The same creation that gave us nature, gave us miracles. The miracles are part of the kindness of creation. Even the sense of experiencing a miracle or witnessing a wonder is a kindness from God! (Arvei Nachal, Vayeira)


It is important to remember that we must not only celebrate the miracles we experience and the wonders we see, but we must also acknowledge the kindness expressed by the miracle and wonder, and the extra kindness expressed in God’s creation of our ability to respond to miracles and wonders. This then is the meaning in Modim when we say, “for You were miracles that are with us every day; and for Your wonders and favors in every season; evening, morning, and afternoon.” We are not only thanking God for the miracles and wonders, we are thinking Him for the kindness He expresses individuality we feel in those miracles and wonders.

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