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Tehillim Tools: Psalm 105:4: Unlimited Seeking

“Search out God and His might, seek His Presence always (Psalms 105:4).” [This verse is also found in Pesukei d’Zimrah, “Hodu.”] All our seeking and searching in the physical world is limited for once we have found that which we seek the matter is over. However, seeking God and His might, has no boundaries or limits; “Seek His Presence always,” and once we have achieved one level, we will immediately begin to strive to rise even higher, and no matter how much we may understand, we will always know that there is more. (Tiferet Shlomo, Vaetchanan)


By focusing on this verse in our prayers we remind ourselves that we are seeking the Infinite, that no matter how much we achieve or understand there will always be more drawing us ever higher.

We can also specifically pray for this sense of the Infinite in our prayers!

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