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Tehillim Tools-Day & Night-Radviller

The Radviller commented on the verse, “Yours is the day; Yours also is the night (Psalms 74:16).” If our service is for the sake of God only, it is like the shining day. But if we serve God for the expected reward, and also for His sake, then this service is dim, like the night. (Esser Orot, page 65)


iPray-iLove-Shema-Blessings: We mention both day and night, both in the blessings of the Morning Shema and the Evening to fulfill, “Yours is the day; Yours also is the night,” focusing on always serving with the shining light of for the sake of God, and not the night of serving for reward.

Haggadah: Afikoman: This is the transition from evening to the next day, as we eat the Afikoman at midnight, as if to proclaim our service as one of Day; the light of serving God for His sake, and not for the reward, the night.

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