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Tehillim Tools-Chelkat Yehoshua-109-4

The 21st of Shevat is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yechiel Yehoshua  Rabinowitz, the Bialer Rebbe. “In return for my love they accused me, but I am prayer (Psalms 109:4).” It is the way of the world that a person who wants to make a request of the King must come to the king to present his request. A person who is poor, sickly, whose clothes are torn, or is even filthy, will not need to specify his request to the King, for the King will immediately understand what the person needs.


When King David describes himself as “prayer,” he is saying that he is just like this poor person; his entire being reflects how low he is and how much he needs. When a person masters humility, he too can claim to be “prayer.” (Chelkat Yehoshua; Tehillim)

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