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Tehillim Tools-Chelkat Yehoshua-106-20

The 21st of Shevat is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yechiel Yehoshua Rabinowitz, the Bialer Rebbe. “And they exchanged their Glory [God] for the likeness of an ox that eats grass (Psalms 106:20).” Our main focus when attempting to repair the damage caused by the sin of the Golden Calf is to become people who trust in God, and to toss all our burdens to Him, so that we not worry at all. A person’s heart should be firm and trusting that He will prepare for him all his needs.


A calf by nature does not worry about anything because it completely relies on its mother to feed him. One who can become a “Calf,” in his relationship with God, meaning he trusts that God will take care of all his needs just as the mother cow cares for her calf, will not need to worry about making a living, but will be able to sit in the House of God in calm and with trust. (Chelkat Yehoshua; Tehillim)

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