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Tehillim Tools-Adar Joy-A Broken Heart-Psalm 6-Tachanun

A “Broken heart,” and sadness are not the same at all. Sadness is expressed in anger and irritability, whereas broken-heartedness is like a son cleansing himself before his father, or a child crying and complaining that he has been set far from his father.


The latter type is dearly beloved by God.

It would be best for man to experience such a broken heart all day long. But, because most people would easily be led from a broken heart to sadness, which is exceedingly injurious, one ought to set aside some period during the day to pray with a broken heart, restricting his broken heartedness to that period alone, while the rest of the day is spent in joy. (Likkutei Eitzot, Hitbodedut #23)

Prayer-Taking-It-With-You-Kavanot-Tachanun-Adar-Joy“I am wearied with my sigh, every night I drench my bed, with my tears I soak my couch (Psalm 6 – Tachanun).” Use the Tachanun as the period set aside for broken heartedness, using your broken heart as part of prayer, transforming it into good, so that you can experience joy.

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