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Tehillim Tools: 88:2: Ramchal: In Between

“God, Lord of my deliverance; by day I cried, at night I stood before You (Psalms 88:2).” “God, Lord of my deliverance,” because a cry must always be preceded by words of praise.


“I stood before You,” negdecha, as in, “Eizer kinegdo,” just as in the back and forth between a husband and wife, a person begins to understand himself through the eye’s of others and how they are affected by his actions; it is the “in-between husband and wife that both discover their unity, not each focusing on themselves. At Sinai we stood neged haHar, opposite the mountain, focusing on the “in-between,” so too, one must stand “neged” the Divine Presence, as in a back and forth; how does God perceive me? How am I expanding His Presence in the world? What is there in-between? (Ramchal: Tehillim)

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