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Tehillim Tools: 40:8-9: Removing Doubt

“Then I said, Here I have come; in the Scroll of a Book is written of me. To fulfill Your will, my Lord, I desired, and Your Torah is in my innermost parts (Psalms 40:8–9).” “Scroll of a Book,” the purpose of writing books is only, “to fulfill Your will,” that the Highest Will be revealed through the clarification of halachah and through new applications. This is the way we clarify and reveal the Highest Will Win we demonstrate how halachah applies to every detail of our lives. When we do this we rid the world of doubts and questions in law, and when we deal with those doubts, we remove the doubts that affect faith. (Likkutei Halachot; Birchot haShachar 5:37)


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