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Tehillim-The Pesach Psalm-78 III-Alshich

The 13th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Moshe Alshich: “He established a decree in Jacob, ordained a teaching in Israel, charging our fathers to make them known to their children, that a future generation might know, children, yet to be born, and in turn, tell their children (Psalms 78:5–6).” We must learn through Torah how to act by our awareness of it., That was meant for their children when God had commanded our ancestors to make Torah known, the next generation, as is stated, “so you will tell your son and your grandson how I worked miracles in Egypt (Exodus 10:2) to see,” as well as, “you shall tell your son on that day (Exodus 13:8).”


That commandment was only to ensure that even the historically most distant generations who had not witnessed any of the events related in the Torah should be kept informed of them, so as not to forget them. They should not grow up to be rebellious and stubborn like their forefathers: “and not be like their fathers, a wayward and defined generation, a generation whose heart was inconsistent, whose spirit was not true to God (Psalms 78:8).”

Asaph says that he has now been inspired by the Holy Spirit to convey three lessons: “That they might put their confidence in God.” All future Jewish generations are to put their trust only in God, and are not to rely on their own strength.

They are not to forget God’s acts of loving kindness for our ancestors though they had been undeserving. By recalling such deeds, the later generations will be encouraged to observe God’s laws, even those commandments they are unable to rationalize; they should perform them not merely own condition to receive a reward for their performance.

Thirdly, they need to be told of all this so they will not wind up as did their forefathers as a rebellious generation. Should you wonder how a whole generation can possibly become rebellious, when it is difficult even for an individual to become a Rebellious Child, something the Talmud says there may never in fact have been a conviction of such a rebellious individual (Sanhedrin 71); King David replies that the evil urge does not overcome people in a single-handed frontal attack.

Rather, he chips away, at a person’s defenses a little at a time. A generation does not become rebellious in one fell swoop. They begin by not concentrating on Serving God wholeheartedly, whereas in spirit they are still totally loyal to God. In the next stage, the spirit is already no longer totally loyal. (Alshich HaKadosh, Romemot El)


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