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Tehillim: The Nine Days: Psalm 137:2

“There on the poplars – Aravim – we hung up our lyres (Psalms 137:2).” In view of the bitter experience of the exile, especially prior to Ezekiel’s revelations, there would have been ample reason to destroy their harps since they had nothing about which to sing and be happy. After the news of Ezekiel’s visions, and the guarantees of their future redemption, they hung the harps on the Aravim, the kind of trees whose very name has the dual meaning of guarantors and willows. This is why they did not hang them on any other type of tree.

The reason they did not destroy their musical instruments altogether was so that they would be able to play those instruments once the time for redemption would arrive (Romemot El, Rabbi Moshe Alshich).

Tools: Meta Prayer: Praying to Become a Better Davener

We have the idea of praying even when we don’t feel like praying, just as a marathon runner will practice running before the big race. We practice singing songs in response to redemption; we hang our musical instruments within reach, to be fully prepared for the proper song when the time arrives. We are praying for the privilege of singing the song of redemption.

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