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Tehillim on The Parsha: Tetzaveh: It’s Yours!

“Bring near to yourself Aaron your brother.” (Exodus 28:1) consider the verse in Psalms (119:92) “Had Your Torah not been my preoccupation, then I would have perished in my affliction.” This teaches us that when the Holy One, Blessed is He, said to Moses, “Bring near to yourself Aaron your brother,” God was saying to Moses, “The Torah was Mine and I have given it to you. It is yours to use.”

God continues:  “You may think that I may take it from you, or may act without consulting you, even after giving the Torah to you, therefore,” so says the Holy One, Blessed is He, to Moses, “You might have thought that I would appoint Aaron your brother as the high priest without consulting you but no, I want you to be the one who brings him close. You are the one who must choose and appoint him. It is your action that will bring greatness to him. (Shemot Rabbah 37:4)

When Kind David referred to the Torah as, “My preoccupation,” he was saying it is my work, MY work; it is mine to use and apply.

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