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Tehillim on the Parsha: Tetzaveh: From Within

“Bring near to yourself Aaron your brother.” (Exodus 28:1) Compare this to another verse, “From themselves the cornerstone; from themselves the peg; from themselves the bow of war; from themselves all the leaders will come forth together.” (Zechariah 10:4) and see the earlier nations when they wanted to appoint one as King they would bring someone from anyplace and make that person the King and this was the practice of all the earlier nations.

But Israel is not like this. It is from within Israel that we find their great ones, from within Israel where we find their kings, from within Israel where we find their priests, from within Israel where we find their prophets, and from within Israel where we find their officers, as it says in that verse it is “from themselves” that we find.

This is alluded to in the verse in Psalms (118:21) “The stone the builders despised has become the cornerstone.” (Shemot Rabbah 37:1)

When God commanded Moses to bring Aaron near, He did not simply point to Aaron, but He pointed to Aaronn as the brother of Moses. God wanted Moses to speak to Aaron as a brother, a regular person, not one from outside of Israel, but from within.

This was God’s way of teaching Moses and all of Israel that if we are searching for greatness, leaders, visionaries, prophets, or teachers, we need only look within ourselves. This commandment to bring Aaron near, Aaron the brother of Moses, is a lesson to all of Israel that when we want to build something great, such as the Tabernacle, we do not need to look anywhere but deep within ourselves. It is with in each and every one of us.

This was the lesson of Aryan, the lesson of the tabernacle, the lesson about our lives and our service of God.

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