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Tehillim On The Parsha: Terumah: Silver & Gold III

The silver used in the Mishkan represents the ‘silver’ of Torah, as it is taught, “The words of God are pure words, like purified silver, clear to the world, refined sevenfold.” The “sevenfold” corresponds to the seven lower Sefirot, represented in the Mishkan by Six Vessels: Ark, Menorah, Table, Incense Altar, Copper Altar, Kiyor, – all contained in the Sefirah of Malchut, represented by the Mishkan itself. When we will succeed in purifying the Seven Lower Sefirot, we will be able to repair all, “The words of God,” meaning all Ten Statements with which the world was created that, “are pure words,” unsullied by sin. Rabbi David Sperber – Michtam L’David

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