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Tehillim on the Parsha: Pekudei: Jerusalem Above & Below

This is the meaning of the verse, “As a Throne of Glory, exalted from the beginning, is the place of our Sanctuary (Jeremiah 17:12).” For that place is directly above our Temple. Similarly it states, “A residence for Your dwelling place which You, God, made; the Sanctuary, my Master, which Your hands established (Exodus 15:17).” Similarly, you find that Jerusalem of the world above is designed directly opposite of the Jerusalem of the lower world.

Because of His great love for the lower one, He made another one above, as it is stated, “Look, I have engraved you on My hands; your walls are before Me always (Isaiah 49:16).”

And why was it destroyed? Because “Your sons have hastened; those who destroy you and lay you waste, issue from you (Verse 17).” That is why it was destroyed.

Similarly, King David said, “Jerusalem built up is like a city that is united together (Psalms 122:3),” that is, like a city that God built. The Jerusalem Targum translates that, “Jerusalem in the heaven is built as a city which is connected with the one on earth.” He swore that Hiss Divine Presence would not enter the one above until the one below was built.

See how cherished the Children of Israel are by the Holy One, Blessed is He. How do we know? For it is written, “The Holy One is in your midst, and I will not enter the city (Hosea 11:9).” And it states, “And now, what do I have there? Declares God, for My people have been taken for nothing (Isaiah 52:5).” The meaning is, “What is there for Me to seek here in Jerusalem now that My people have been taken, it is not for Me to come into it. I will not come!”

May it be His will that it will be built speedily, in our days.

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