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Tehillim on the Parsha: Pekudei: Great Deeds Without Limit Part Four

At that time it will pass through seven worlds. In the first world it is compared to a king, for everyone asks about its health and everyone yearns to see. They hug it in case it when it is a year old.


In the second world, is like a pig, which digs at the garbage heap. Similarly, the child picks itself, when it is two years old.

In the Third World it is like a kid goat which prances around its mother in the meadow. Similarly a child is full of joy in front of his father and mother, and he dances herein there, and plays around, and everyone rejoices in him. When is that? When he is five years old.

In the fourth world, he is like a horse that trots through the streets. When is that? When he reaches maturity, when he is 18 years old. Just as a course gallops around proudly, so two, a youth is proud of his youth.

In the fifth world he is like a donkey on which they plan place a saddle. So too is a man burdened with a saddle, for he is given a wife and Bears sons and daughters, and he has to go herein there bringing food to sustain his children and provide for them. A burden is placed on him, and he is loaded with the weight of sons and daughters. When is this? When he is 40 years old.

In this sixth world, he is like a dog, for everywhere he goes he flaunts his cockiness, and takes from one and gives to the other shamelessly.

In the seventh world, he is like a monkey, for his appearance has changed so that he does not look like the other creatures; he asks about everything, eats and drinks like a youngster and plays like a child. He returns to his younger days and knowledge but in nothing else. Even his sons and the members of his household mocking, curse him and loathe him. When he says anything, they say of him, “Let him be, for he is like a youngster, but is elderly.” He acts like a monkey in all matters and in his speech. Even the young children mock him and have sport with. Even the sparrow can awaken him from his sleep.

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