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Parsha Mitzvot: Tazria: Mitzvah 168 – Concept 446

“If a person will have on the skin of his flesh a s’eis, or a sapachas, or a baheres, and it will become a Tzara’as affliction on the skin of his flesh; he shall be brought to Aharaon the Kohen, or to one of his sons the Kohanim (Vayikra 13:2) We are commanded to rule the laws of human Tzara’at as prescribed in the Torah (Rambam, Hilchot Tumat Tzara’at – The Laws of Impurity Through Tzara’at).


The root of all impurities of the skin is the moment when Adam switched his Bigdei Ohr. clothes of Light provided by God, for the Bigdei Or, the Garments of the Skin of the Snake. This is why the verse uses the word, Adam, to remind us that this impurity takes us back to that original impurity. (Rabbi Yekuteil Yehudah of Sighet – Yeitiv Lev)

The original sin is reflected in clothes. We learn that our actions are considered Garments for our flesh. Our Mitzvot are expressed in beautiful Spiritual Garments (The blessing of Malbish Arumim), and our sins are expressed as Spiritual Impurity.

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