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Talilei Orot: Mizmor L’Todah-Chanukah

The Talilei Orot quotes from Rav Chaim Vital: “A Song of Thanksgiving.” The Thanksgiving Offering is not brought because of a sin. It is possible that someone bringing such an offering to express his gratitude for a great miracle in his life, will look at the other people standing in line in the Temple to bring their sin offerings with a certain arrogance. He is coming to express gratitude and not because of a sin!

Therefore the verse says, “The entire earth shall call out to God!” “Hari’u,” which we translated as “call out,” should be read as it is used in another verse, “Tiro’eim bishevet barzel,” “You will smash them with an iron rod.” (Psalms 2:9) It is as if King David is instructing us that as part of our Thank You offering we must smash our arrogance. (Eitz HaDa’at Tov)

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