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I have a friend who, I believe, is a true Holy person. He is a great teacher, soul-doctor, composer, and human being. I described him as “Holy” in a Tweet, and he laughed it off. I won’t let go. I believe that although he may lack the usual trappings of a holy person, he constantly strives for holiness in everything he does. I am convinced that we are defined less by achievements than by the things for which we strive.

Can we not see the Soul of a person by what he or she seeks in a relationship? (With apologies to Ayn Rand’s Francisco’s speech to Hank Rearden.)

A Holiness Striver is a Holy person. A “holy” person who is constantly striving for more money, is not really holy. A Goodness Striver is a good person. The acclaimed “good guy,” who is striving for acknowledgement as a good guy, is not a good guy, but an Acknowledgement Seeker.” The meticulously observant person who strives for acceptance as such, is not really “religious,” (Sorry, couldn’t think of a better word!) but a person who lives for others.

My friend, Chavrusa, teacher, and inspiration, is a Holiness Striver, so, yes, I consider him a Holy Person.

Now I have to consider for what I strive….

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