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Aleinu: Stages

“To perfect the universe through the Almighty’s sovereignty – Malchut Shad-dai.” Why do we not use God’s Name of Y-H-V-H?


Because it is only the first of a number of stages: The next stage is; “Then all humanity will call upon Your Name.”

The next stage: “To turn all the Earth’s wicked toward You.”

The next stage: “All the world’s inhabitants will recognize.”

The next stage: “And no that to You every knee should bend, every tongue should swear.”

Next stage: “Before you, God, our Lord, they will bend every knee and cast themselves down.”

Next stage: “And to the glory of Your Name, they will render homage.”

Next stage: “They will accept upon themselves the yoke of Your kingship that You may reign over them soon and eternally.”

This entire prayer is a description of this necessary stages to achieve the point at which we can refer to God by His Name.

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