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Long accustomed to the dogs’ help, a new expression of their commitment to help me with my humility was still an adjustment.


Many of those with whom I learn ignore my wishes and speak to me in third person. All treat me with far more respect than I deserve.


A short walk with the dogs will rapidly cleanse any arrogance that may appear as a result of respect received. I may be “Rebbi” to many people, but to Teller, Ivy and Zoe, I am the one who cleans their poop.


They decided to add another level to their assistance. I took them on my first solo, without Debbie. They wrapped themselves and their leashes around me and my cane so that when I crouched to clean their deposits, they were able to knock me down right into…


A group of older women were sitting on a park bench having a blast watching the episode. “We watch your wife and you every day, and she never lets them have control!” Oh, so funny!


On our next walk with Debbie, these “sweet” people decided to share their laughter with Debbie! And then, it became much worse; Debbie added her Humility assistance.


We were walking at night so I had to use my iPhone as a spotlight for Debbie, who was still laughing at my humiliation, to find their donations. It was a perfect opportunity to use a (hilarious – to me) joke to distract everyone’s laughter at my expense.


“The dogs are so fancy they even have a spotlight on their poop!”


Rather than laugh at my incredible humor, Debbie commented, “They get that from you!”


“What are you talking about? I don’t shine a light on my …”


“Of course you do! You always put yourself down. You focus on your faults. What I don’t understand is how you can enter Yom Kippur while shining a spotlight on your poop!”


She’s right.

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