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Spiritual Tools: Ya’alat Khein: Proper Approach to Torah Study

The 3rd of Iyar is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Aryeh Leib ben Moshe Zuenz of Plotsk, the author of Ya’alat Khein. He died on April 22, 1883: Our sages taught (Eiruvin 54b): why were the words of the Torah compared to a ‘hind’? To tell you that as the hind has a narrow womb and is loved by its mate at all times as at the first hour of their meeting, so it is with the words of the Torah — They are loved by those who study them at all times as at the hour when they first made their acquaintance.


The purpose of Torah is to broaden our hearts and minds, to extend their reach beyond the physical, including our logic and intellect, to reach its greatest depths. One must study Torah with the intention that it will expand his entire being, his soul, and his mind.

When we meet someone who is small minded despite the fact that he is studying Torah it is a clear indication that he is not properly approaching his Torah study.

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