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The disciples of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rimanov entered into a covenant and signed a scroll we are in they made a vow: “This is a Covenant of Fellowship in a search for the truth and an everlasting striving after righteousness and humble bearing. We who signed it, essay with all our might to return to God, that a wall may separate us no more from His Holiness and His law.”


Whatever they decreed, they entered upon that scroll, as for example: “Resolved to abstain from words of scolding and denunciation, which our Holy Rabbi has barred as  transgressing the law against  murder. (Emet l’Yaakov, page 53)

Murder was one of the 3 cardinal sins that led to the destruction of the First Temple. We must resolve, especially during the Three Weeks, to abstain from all forms of murder, including murder through speech.

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