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Spiritual Tools-The Power of Tzeddaka

The 21st of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Aryeh Leib Halberstam of Dukla (1877) [Adar I]. Dukla is a town in southeastern Poland. However, the town was part of of Galicia (an Imperial Province of the Austrian Empire) from 1776 to1919. It is 8 miles west of Rimanov.


Rabbi Eliezer Itinga of Dukla asked the Tzanzer to pray for the recovery of his ill son, Joseph. The Tzanzer asked him for a “ransom” of 160 coins [the numerical value of “Joseph”] which the father brought over promptly. The Tzanzer thereupon divided the money among the poor, and instructed them to implore God to send a cure to this son of Eliezer. Charity is more powerful than the righteous man himself. (Esser Tzachtzachot, page 129)

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