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Spiritual Tools-Terumah-Sanctifying the Worldly

There are scholars and righteous persons who are in the category of the Shabbat because they do not wish to occupy themselves with the pursuit of worldly goods. They depend on their trust in God to satisfy their material needs. However, not everyone merits such trust in God.


“Many have done as Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai did but have not succeeded (Berachot 35a),” so I have heard, means that they did not attain the same level of trust in God as did Rabbi Shimon. “For I have seen the elite, they are few (Succah 45b–a statement of Rabbi Shimon).” Therefore, most people must engage in worldly pursuits and trust in God’s help to complete their efforts. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef, Noah)

The construction of the Tabernacle was our means of taking our worldly possessions and sanctifying them for God. We can use all the Commandments as a means to sanctify the worldly, and in so doing, we are granted the status of building the Tabernacle.

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