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Spiritual Tools-Slonim-Breaking Old Habits

The 28th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai Kastelanitz of Lecovitz, the father of the Slonim Chassidic dynasty. A man who had been reformed under the guidance of the Lecovitzer, complained to him that at times he was strongly attracted to his former habits. The Rabbi said, “I know of a barkeeper who wearied of the disorder and violence indulged in by his drunken customers, and therefore transformed his saloon into a peaceful food store. One night a semi-intoxicated man came to his door and knocked for admittance, as he had formerly done oftentimes. Was the erstwhile barkeeper surprised that this? He understood that it was natural for the caller to forget his change of business while under the influence of strong drink. All you had to do was to remind the visitor of this fact, and the latter left promptly.


“It is the same with you. It is natural for you to crave your former habits of evil. But merely remind yourself that you have definitely altered your manner of living, and the craving will depart from you (Ohr Yesharim, page 31).”

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