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Spiritual Tools-Purim-Repairing With Good

As a general rule, everything that a person sees and hears, and everything that occurs to him, all come to motivate him toward God. This may take the form of love, reverence, beauty, conquest, submission, binding, or domination. This can come about in two ways.


Sometimes, thoughts of evil deeds that a person has done, come to him during his prayers. They confronted him and his thoughts so that he should be able to rectify and elevate them. This is very much like a person looking in the mirror, seeing his own face opposite him. Prayer is such a mirror, where a person sees his own deeds in his thoughts.

This can also take place when a person is not praying, he may suddenly be afraid of some thing or some creature, or he may see something pertaining to love or fear. It all comes so that he should be able to elevate it.

Thus, for example, a person who engages in levity may rectify it through the ridicule of idolatry. He may see an idol and realized that this has a purpose, since he can make a joke out of it. All this comes to rectify his levity, mitigating it at its Root, and elevating it to the Root of Love. It is for this reason that everything forbidden has a permissible counterpart (Chullin 109b). Understand this.

As a general rule, all one’s deeds should be done with an attachment to God. One should carefully consider all that he sees, hears and does.

It is written with regard to King Solomon, “He spoke about the trees (I Kings 5:13).” Whatever he saw, he understood the reason for it and showed how it could help him in his worship. (Maggid Devarav l’Yaakov 222)

One of the major Commandments of Purim is that we drink until we can no longer differentiate between “Blessed Mordecai,” and, “Curse Haman.” This addresses the connection between blessing and curse is, between good and evil. When we use good to repair evil, as described above, we are accessing this concept of Bless Mordechai and Curse Haman.

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