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iGrow-Spiritual Tools for the Three Weeks-Torah Study

The Dubner Maggid taught: A storekeeper had two friends. One showed his friendship by giving his patronage to his friend. The other displayed his friendship by advertising the storekeeper’s goods and thereby inducing others to make purchases, though he himself had little need of any merchandise. Which friend did more?


“From this we learn that one man learns Torah himself out of the love of learning. The other person learns little himself but works hard to ensure that institutions of learning exist. Who does more for the Torah, which both men love?”

We are taught by the prophet Ezekiel that one of the most damaging consequences of the exile is the desecration of God’s Holy Name. It is appropriate during the Three Weeks to work assiduously to sanctify His Name, especially through Torah. Some of us may study the Torah, while others do even more by going out of their way to support institutions of learning.

Spend extra time during the Three Weeks studying Torah, and doing all that is possible, whether through financial contributions or other forms of volunteer work to support institutions of learning.

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