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Spiritual Tools-For My Sake-Neshchiz

The 8th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Mordechai of Neshchiz. The Neshchizer told the following story: Late at night a man came to the home of Rabbi Liber of Berditchev and asked for lodging. Rabbi Liber extended to him a gracious welcome and began to arrange a bed for the guest. The man asked him, “Why do trouble yourself to arrange my bed?”


The Rabbi replied, “It is not for your sake, but for my own that I am doing this.” (Derech Emunah u’Ma’aseh Rav, page 37)

Haggadah: “Whoever is hungry; come and eat!” I am doing this for my sake!

This is also important to keep in mind when patiently listening to other people’s comments during the Haggadah: “I am doing this kindness for my sake!”

My father zt”l always insisted that we not try to be the first to steal the Afikoman, but, for the sake of becoming better people, always allow a sibling to be the one to find and steal the Afikoman. He, of course, “bought” it back from all of us!

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