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Sound Bites: Jacob’s Voice

He will choose our heritage for us, the pride of Yaakov that He loves eternally. (Rosh Hashana Prayers) Undoubtedly it is our pride in this inner voice which is never spurned by Hashem – the pride of Yaakov, in the Psalmist’s expression – over which Yaakov prided himself. Tosafos observed (Rosh Hashanah 26a, that those who blow the shofar generally take pride in this activity; in light of the above, we can suggest that this refers not just to the satisfaction of producing a sharp and clear sound, but also to the pride we take in being the sole nation to possess such a potent weapon as the shofar, Yaakov’s wordless voice.

What is more, this legacy last forever, as the Psalmist concludes, that He loved eternally. Whereas Esav’s wily importunings could evoke Yitzchak’s love only temporarily, Yaakov’s legacy, the voice in which he had such pride, is capable of engendering an everlasting love.

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