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Sound Bites: Beautifying Our Speech

“Naftali is a hind let loose who delivers beautiful sayings.” (Genesis 49:21 Beautiful sayings is “Imrei Shafer”. We again find the word shofar associated with beauty. (See Soundbites 1 & 2)

Naftali’s name is related to Tefillah – Prayer. The ‘beautiful sayings” refer to his ability to speak words of prayer with such beauty that they are attractive to God.

This lesson of the Shofar is to remind us to pray with the beauty of Naftali. We must make an effort and spend the time to phrase our prayers so that they are attractive to God.

One should practice “beautifying” his or her speech when he/she speaks with others. Use the shofar to remind you to be careful to say things in a manner that they can be heard.
(Based on Peirushei HaTorah L’Baalei Tosafot.)

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