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Sound Bites: Battle

This Judgment Day, when we combat all those forces, which seek to harm Israel, is a good time to recall other battles against our enemies. Israel has always preferred not to rely on military might alone but rather to confront the foe fortified by the inspiration given by a specially appointed priest anointed for war, who would charge them with an exhortation commencing with the Shema every day was by itself enough to ensure triumph.

Here too, as we prepare to do battle against our spiritual foes by pronouncing the blessing, to hear the sound of the shofar, we recall that Israel’s merits are based on its capacity for listening, be it our daily recitation of the Shema, or listening to the Word of Hashem [as revealed in the Torah], or at least to the innate impulse ingrained in every Jew which seeks to listen to the Torah. (Sefat Emet – 5646)

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