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I’m soaring. I ended Yom Kippur on a high. I am determined to be a better person, husband, father, rebbi, friend, and servant and seeker of God. I will pray with more passion. I will learn with more discipline. Yom Kippur filled me with joy and a sense of freedom. I am ready for the coming year.

“A Succah that is taller than twenty cubits is not kosher.” (Opening Mishna of Succah) What a strange way to begin the laws of Succah! Would it not have made more sense to begin by teaching the obligation of living in a Succah, and with its proper dimensions? Why begin with a Succah that is too tall?

The Mussar HaMishna explains that people leave Yom Kippur reaching too high. We all want to soar and maintain our Yom Kippur high. The Mishna begins with a Succah that is too high, as if to remind us that if we reach too high after Yom Kippur, we will end up failing. Reach high. Reach higher, but not too high.

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