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Sinai WhatsApp Group….or…

…or, more honestly, my justification for sending so many emails and texts:


“AND THERE ISRAEL ENCAMPED as one man and with one mind (Rashi, 19:2).”


I never really understood what it means when it says it they spoke as one person with one heart. Is it conceivable? Is it possible that 2 million people spoke as one person with one heart?


My approach used to be that they all made room for each other and therefore they felt all their hearts were connected.


Recently, I’ve been considering a different approach; whenever I have an idea that excites me, an insight I love, I see something that moves me, or, I’ve come up with an essay that is just fun, even if not excellent, I feel compelled to share it with the people whom I love. 


I send out emails, texts, messages, with links to essays, to ideas, to insights that excite me so much that I feel compelled to share these with people important to me. (I know I do too much) that for me is the essence of the message of “one person with one heart”: when we love something, an idea, experience, and insight, an approach, so so so much that we want to share it with all the people who are important to us, that, to me, is one person with one heart.

Basically, the way I feel about you. Please See “M.F.K. Fisher on Preparing Manna.”

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