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Morning Blessings: Sight to the Blind – Chanukah Kavanah

Know that, “The command of God is clear, enlightening of the eyes (Psalms 19),” and that it is a great necessity to dress the Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshama of a person. Some Mitzvot make Garments of Light to honor the Neshama in the Higher Garden of Eden; these are Garments made by the Mitzvot that are fulfilled through thought and heart such as the Mitzvot of love and awe of God. The Garments are formed by the person’s Kavanah while performing the Mitzvah.


There are other Garments of Light made for the Ruach in the Lower Garden of Eden formed by the Mitzvot performed through speech such as Torah study, prayer, and Shemah.

There are other Garments of Light made to honor the Nefesh in the grave on this world, and it is in these Garments that the Nefesh will appear in dreams to other people. These are made through Mitzvot fulfilled in action such as Tzedaka and Tefillin and Talit.

All these Garments are necessary to dress and honor the Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama of the person (Zohar I:226b)


God provides Light for our souls through the Mitzvot He gives us so that our sous will not be ‘blind’ in the future. “May I merit to fulfill His Mitzvot so that they create Garments of Light for my Nefesh, Ruach, and, Neshama.

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