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Shulchan HaTahor: Holy Practices

The 26th of Tevet is the Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Deutsch of Brody, Galicia, author of Shulchan HaTahor. He died on January 23, 1781.

One should always pray in a synagogue, even if there is no minyan.

One should have a set place in the synagogue where he prays.

One should recite every blessing aloud so that others can respond Amen.

When someone is ill, his family and friends should immediately give Tzedaka as Pidyon Nefesh, with the prayer that the doctors should be successful in their work.

One should immediately set his Ma’aser money in a separate place or account. He should also keep a ledger of all his Tzedaka money.

Immediately upon waking up one should reflect on the greatness of the Creator, and rise from bed with energy and joy to serve the Creator. He must be very careful to recite each blessing with great concentration and awareness.

When praying a person should purify his thoughts from all his troubles. You should be aware that to pray while thinking of the mundane is considered as if he worshipped idols of gold and silver.

It is best to pray with tears of joy and fear.

One should pay careful attention to every word recited by the Chazzan.

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