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Shir HaShirim-Perfecting Myself-Kaminsker

The Kaminsker said: we read, “They made me keeper of the vineyards, but my own vineyard have I not kept (Song of Songs 1:6).” The leader complains that multitudes come to him for guidance, though he still needs guidance for his own conduct of life.


He then muses, “Because I have not yet perfected my own ways, I must suffer the punishment of guiding others. It is painful, also, that I must lead others to perfection while I must constantly endeavor to perfect myself. Every day, therefore, I must set aside many hours for self-improvement.” (Bet Pinchas, page 33)

Haggadah: Four Children: While guiding our children, we must endeavor to prefect ourselves to be sure that our teachings are consistent and reflect the best in us.

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