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Shir HaShirim-Finding God-Besht

The Baal Shem Tov taught: Some seek God as if He were far removed from us, and surrounded by many walls. They say, “I sought Him, but I found Him not (Song of Songs 3:1).”


Had they been wise, however, they would have known that nothing “is free of Him.” They can find Him in everything and everywhere, and they should understand that, “One who attaches himself to any part of God is as if he were attached to the All in All.” (Me’orot haGedolim, I, page 12)

iPray-Blessings-Benching: “Bakol, mikol, kol” : Help me attach to one part of You through my benching so that I may be attached to the All in All.

Haggadah: This promise has sustained our ancestors and us. One part of the story, the Exodus, connects us to our entire history.

Use the Search for the Afikoman as an opportunity to teach about searching for God.

Spiritual Tool: Use this teaching when you feel that you are blocked by a wall between God and you.

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