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Shir ha-Shirim XVII Part Two: Sefirah 32

“For your loved ones Dodecha, are better than wine.” The words of Torah are like one another (like two breasts daddin. Lessons can be learned from similarities in different verses), they are close companions, dodim, to one another, they are close relatives to each other, as you say, “Or his uncle, dodo, or his uncle’s son (Vayikra 25:49).” Thus we read, “nevertheless a fountain or cistern wherein is a gathering of water (Vayikra 11:36),” and we know that these render liable to uncleanliness, because it says, “But if water be put on a seed (Verse 38).” (Shir Hashirim Rabbah 1.2.2:1)


Although water of a Mikvah purifies, yet if it falls on a seed it renders it vulnerable to Tumah; we derive from the relationship between verses that water can purify and also make liable to impurity.

One cannot fully understand Torah until one has studied all of Torah for each part informs the other. In order to sing the Song of Torah, we must be familiar with all of it, Tanach, the 613 Mitzvot, and basic laws. We must always search for the connection between ideas.

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