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Shir ha-Shirim XVI Part Ten: Sefirah 29

“Let Him kiss me – Yishakeini – with the kisses of His mouth.” Let Him purify me, like a man who runs – Mashik -two cisterns into one another and joins them (to see so as to bring the water up to the quantity required for purposes of purification), as you say, “like the joining of – Mashak – cisterns he joins – Shokek – it (Isaiah 33:4).” [The literal translation is, “your spoils will be gathered like the gathering of locusts, as the march of grasshoppers shall he march in it.”) Shir Hashirim Rabbah 1.2:5, Part Ten)


In order to achieve the proper measure of water to bring purification, one must join one source of water to another. This joining resembles the “Kiss” of our verse. One who connects the Upper and Lower Worlds through his Torah study, connects the two sources of water; he has the world’s “kiss” each other, and brings purity to the world.

One who studies Torah in a state of spiritual purity is able to transform all of existence, the Upper and Lower worlds into a giant mikvah that purifies all of God’s creation.

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