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Shir ha-Shirim XVI Part Eight: Sefirah 27

The Rabbis said: The Torah is said to have many mouths because its students impose their will on the beings of the Upper World (such as Joshua ordering the son to stand still, or Elijah calling down fire from heaven) and on the beings of the Lower World (through their Halachic rulings). (Shir Hashirim Rabbah 1.2:5, Part Eight)


Torah is both empowering and a tremendous responsibility. The Rabbis describe the power of students of Torah to impose their will on both the Upper and Lower worlds. However, in that power comes the responsibility to understand that all we do, the decisions we make, and even our Torah thoughts impact both the Upper and Lower worlds.

One must appreciate the power that is potentially ours when we study Torah, so that we take full advantage of all that Torah offers. However, we must constantly be aware of the responsibility that comes with that power.

When we learn a new idea we have an opportunity to share that idea and inspire others. The power to inspire another person is an expression of imposing our will on the Lower World. When we successfully inspire others to learn more or to reach higher for a connection to God, we create an influence so powerful that it impacts the Upper Worlds.

We must be aware of the power of sharing an insight; for we must present the thought with care and attention to the way we formulate our words so that they will inspire. That is our responsibility.

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