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Shir ha-Shirim III: Working With Vision

Another explanation: “Do you see a man diligent in his work,” this applies to the righteous who labor in the work of God. Therefore, “he shall stand before kings,” which means that they stand firm through their adherence to the Torah, as it says, “By me (Wisdom of Torah) Kings reign (Proverbs 8:15).”


“He shall not stand before dark men,” these are the wicked, as it says, “And their work lives in the dark (Isaiah 29:15),” and it is also written, “May their way be dark and slippery (Psalms 35:6).”

Service of God demands diligent labor. In this midrash, the emphasis is not on the “before kings,” but on, “he shall stand.” The midrash is teaching us that even when we have achieved a relationship of being able to be before the King, God, in order to stand, and continue standing, we must work hard.

Those of us who diligently labor in Torah and in our service of God, will not only stand, but will stand in light. We will merit clarity. We will have vision.

We have already explained that the process of preparing for Pesach begins with a commitment to diligent work, and we spoke of what we can achieve. However, we must understand that what ever we achieve on Pesach will demand constant and consistent diligent work to maintain the status of “standing before God,” in His illumination, empowering our vision.

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