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The Shine of Hallel

The word Hallel is derived from “Hilo” or Halo. Hallel means to shine. It is a form of sharing the light of your joy with others so that they too will be inspired to sing.
Hallel is Halachically considered “Pirsumei Nissa” – Publicizing a Miracle. It is to give off light. It is a way to share God’s light with others.

Hallel is always associated with the attribute of Hod – The Undifferentiated Glory of God inherent in all creations. Hod also means to thank – L’hodot. True Hoda’ah – expressions of gratitude – always lead others to thank and praise God: In the Amidah the paragraph of Modim – We acknowledge and thank You – immediately leads into “And all living things will thank You.” In Benching – Grace After Meals – Nodeh – Let Us Give Thanks – leads into “Yitbarach Shimcha befi Kol Chai”  – Your Name will be blessed in the mouths of all living things.

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