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Biblical Personalities: Shimon and Levi Ma’or Va’Shemesh

“Simeon and Levi are comrades, their weaponry is a stolen craft. Into their conspiracy, may my soul not enter! With their congregation, do not join, O my honor! I will separate them within Jacob, and I will disperse them in Israel.” (Genesis 49:5-7)

The path of the righteous person includes constantly being aware of his lackings. He always works hard to perfect himself, and does not perceive himself as righteous. In fact his anger burns against himself, which makes it difficult for him to interact with others, especially about mundane matters.

This level is not complete. The righteous person must learn how to relate to all people with the highest regard and probity.

Jacob understood that both Simeon and Levi were intolerant of their own mistakes, which made it difficult for them to be patient with others who were as imperfect as they. He blessed them with, “I will separate them within Jacob, and I will disperse them in Israel,” so that they would always have to deal with other people and learn how to control their anger with others, thereby learning how to control their anger against themselves.

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